1. What are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that come in various lengths, densities and curls to give you a customized look.
  2. Will extensions damage my natural lashes? Eyelash extensions are glued to each natural lash without touching the skin which allows the lashes to grow out naturally. All of your lashes are on a different growth cycle and are always growing out and falling out which is why you need touch-ups every few weeks. The only way your natural lashes can be damaged is if you have extensions that are too heavy and too long or if you rub, touch, or pull on the extensions.
  3. How often do I need touch-ups? To keep your lashes full as possible, touch-ups are suggested every 2-3 weeks. The longer you go in-between appointments, the more time you will need at your touch-up. 
  4. How do I make an appointment? Call or text (832) 305-5129, email , or fill out the information on the CONTACT US page.


Only Trust A Licensed Professional

In the State of Texas,  only licensed cosmetologists and estheticians are allowed to apply eyelash extensions. Only trust a licensed professional to be so close to your eyes.